Special Education: A Reference Book for Policy & Curriculum Development Review

“Over the past few decades, the number of students who require special education has progressively increased, as has the need to integrate this population into the generalized education mainstream. For school districts, setting special education policies—and creating curriculum to support those policies—is an ongoing and ever-changing struggle. This reference work blends history and current information with real-world strategies, looking at topics such as law, politics, statistics, and advocacy. Readers will also appreciate resources and related organizations and a time line of the history of special education. Those curious about the drastic impact of laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, as well as evolving political and social views on individuals with disabilities, will find this valuable. VERDICT A comprehensive source for administrators, educators, and education students.”
-Library Journal, 2019

“This volume provides both contextual information on the development of special education and readily usable information and resources for parents and educators… Overall, the book is well written and provides a useful grounding in special education terminology, curricular issues, legislation, and policy.”

“Overall, this is a valuable resource recommended for most public and academic libraries.”