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The Environmental Resource Handbook

The 2021/2022 edition of The Environmental Resource Handbook offers a unique combination of more than 7,000 environmental resources and listings, as well as 100 tables, maps, and charts, of environmental statistics and rankings—all revised with the most current information available. 

Hailed as a "must-have resource" for environmentalists, educators, researchers, and students of environmental studies, this tenth edition is comprehensive and thoughtfully arranged for easy and efficient use. Over 200 brand-new listings—all with email addresses, websites, and key contacts—have been added meaning, more ways than the last edition for users to reach exactly who they need.

The Environmental Resource Handbook, 2021/2022 is divided into four sections. 

Section I: Resources is divided into 15 chapters in the following areas: Associations & Organizations, Awards & Honors, Conferences & Trade Shows, Consultants, Environmental Health, Environmental Law, Financial Resources, Government Agencies & Programs, Publications, Research Centers, Educational Programs, Industry Websites, Online Databases, Videos, and Green Product Catalogs. 68 subchapters further organize specific environmental issues in each chapter, from Air & Climate to Water Resources. 

Section II: Statistics & Rankings includes more than 100 tables and charts that comprise 17 main topics, from Agriculture to Green Metro Area Rankings to UV Index. This section makes easy work of compiling environmental snapshots by state, as well as comparing individuals states, counties, and regions of the country. Using the most current data available from more than 40 sources, this section helps complete the picture for those performing research, conducting business, or providing educational and/or consulting services. 

Section III contains two detailed Appendices:

  • A list of Abbreviations & Acronyms, provided by the Environmental Protection Agency, contains listings that identify and define the political and educational language of the industry.
  • Glossary of Terms, also from the EPA, defines thousands of commonly used environmental terms in non-technical language. 

Section IV contains three helpful Indexes for the user:

  • Entry: Lists all entries alphabetically, identified by record number
  • Geographic: Lists entries alphabetical by state
  • Subject: Facilitates search of resources and statistics by environmental categories

This kind of up-to-date environmental data, all in one place, is not available anywhere on the market place today. The 2021/2022 edition of The Environmental Resource Handbook is a must-have for all public and academic libraries as well as any organization with a primary focus on the environment.

In addition to this print directory, The Environmental Resource Handbook is available for subscription on G.O.L.D, Grey House OnLine Databases. This gives you immediate access to the most valuable US environmental contacts, plus offers easy-to-use keyword searches, organization type and subject searches, hotlinks to web sites and emails, and so much more. Call 800-562-2139 for a free trial of the new G.O.L.D OnLine Database, or visit for more information.

Many of our directories are available in a database format that you can download into your own spreadsheet or database software. Using this downloadable database you can print out mailing labels, segment the database by geographic area for your sales team, print out prospect sheets and much more. Plus, you can customize the database to meet your own specific search criteria.

Click on the here to download a datacard. Datacards outline pricing and ways in which you can segment the database. Contact our list manager at or (800) 562-2139 x118 for up-to-the-minute counts or for more information.

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Pub. Date: July 2021
Softcover: 1200 pages
ISBN: 978-1-64265-839-2
Price: $155
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