Complete Television, Radio & Cable Industry Guide
"Questions like "What is the average number of TVs in an American household?" and "What exactly are the FCC rules everyone's always talking about?" can be answered using this colossal tome... This paperback in invaluable"
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"This work is an essential resource for anyone in the broadcasting industry or any library supporting that industry. For general users, although most of the information may be available elsewhere, this work pulls it all together in one convenient source."

"A major institution in the broadcast biz, The Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook, formerly the Broadcasting Yearbook, was a dog-eared fixture on many broadcasters' desks since probably before WWII"
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Complete Television, Radio & Cable Industry Guide
2018 Edition

this title is available online Pub. Date: January 2018
Softcover: 2,000 pages
ISBN: 978-1-68217-388-6
Price: $350.00
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First published more than 70 years ago as Broadcasting Yearbook, and later as Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook, the Complete Television, Radio & Cable Industry Guide has consistently filled the need for up-to-date, comprehensive television, radio and cable industry information for the U.S. and Canadian markets. Grey House is pleased to continue to offer this definitive information in both print and online formats.

Scattered across various websites and government databases, the information contained in the Complete Television, Radio & Cable Industry Guide is now available in one complete, user-friendly resource. This updated 2018 edition is a great marketing tool for suppliers to the industry, as well as industry insiders in need of fresh resources for distribution, programming, executive searches and more.

Important Features
This 2018 edition of the Complete Television, Radio & Cable Industry Guide covers the same valuable data fields researchers are used to, presented in an easy-to-use, organized format. This edition includes a new, detailed article—"The Rise of SVOD: How the Growth of Subscription Video-on-Demand Impacts Copyright Holders"—written by experts in intellectual property. Additionally, statistical elements have been updated to include lists of station transactions, top shows, and sales of TV receivers and HDTVs.

Users will find clear separation of U.S and Canadian material for television, radio and cable—all in comprehensive sections that include market areas, call letter lists, and station profiles. Each station profile separates important elements, such as websites, ownership, and programming. Key contact names are indented for quick recognition. All television stations include virtual and digital channels, and all radio stations include Nielsen’s market area.

The Complete Television, Radio & Cable Industry Guide features eight major sections, with the “big three”—television, radio and cable—the most detailed and significant. More than just call letters, this guide includes professional services from producers and engineers to equipment manufacturers and legal services, plus those who consult and advocate for this diverse industry.

The U.S. Television section starts with TV statistics: rankings of TV markets, top TV programs, growth and transactions of TV stations, and television sales.

Following these statistics are detailed listings of national and regional networks, as well as group owners. TV stations are arranged by DMA (Designated Market Area). These station listings include dozens of technical details direct from the FCC, such as digital and virtual channel numbers, hours of operation, frequency, and antenna height. Corporate information follows, including licensee, owner and network, plus names of important decision-makers, such as President, Station Manager, Program Director and more. Users will find thousands more names than in the previous edition.

Following the U.S. stations are informative lists: TV stations by call letters, by digital and virtual channels, and a list of U.S. stations that broadcast in Spanish.

Comprehensive Canadian TV information follows the U.S. sections, including networks, group owners, detailed station listings, and lists by call letters and channels.

The U.S. Radio section starts with Nielson Radio Market Rankings, which ranks each of the 300 U.S. radio markets by its population.

Following radio market information are detailed listings of national and regional radio networks, and group owners, all with current key contact names. Listings are arranged by state of license, then by city within the state. Like the television stations, these listings include dozens of technical details direct from the FCC, such as power, frequency and hours of operation, plus the station’s market area. Users will find type of programming and special programming details, including hours of news programming and target audience. Long lists of key contacts follow, assuring users will always be able to reach the right person.

Following the detailed station listings is information on international radio, satellite radio, and call letters listed by AM/FM and frequency. The U.S. radio section ends with detailed programming information, putting each radio station into one or more listing designations, from Adult Contemporary to Vietnamese. This programming index is followed by special programming information, where users will find specifics, such as which stations in Portland, Oregon offer jazz on Sunday afternoon.

Comprehensive Canadian radio information follows the U.S. sections, including networks, group owners, detailed station listings, lists by call letters and frequency, and programming.

The Cable section starts with a variety of updated statistics on U.S. cable programming, followed by detailed listings of national and regional cable networks, with a separate section on regional cable sports networks. Cable data for Canada follows, with detailed listings of Canadian cable networks. This section also includes industry statistics.

Technical Equipment and Services
Following the detailed station listings, the Complete Television, Radio & Cable Industry Guide goes on to include current, comprehensive information on those who provide services, materials, and equipment to the industry. From major television syndicators to radio news services, from producers to distributors, and from equipment manufacturers to cable audio services, this edition will help users find the product or service they need.

Professional Services and More
This comprehensive resource also includes listings of employment services, technical consultants, legal services and talent agents. There is a separate section on associations, trade shows and vocational schools, and, finally, complete listings for the FCC and other regulatory agencies, as well as Canadian agency information.

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The Complete Television, Radio & Cable Industry Guide is an all-inclusive key to a dynamic industry, with valuable profiles, industry statistics and comprehensive indexes at your fingertips. Find out specifics of all stations in the U.S. and Canada, as well as other useful facts, such as what schools offer industry training, where to find the latest studio sound board, and how to keep up on the latest industry regulations.

Pub. Date: January 2018
Softcover: 2,000 pages
ISBN: 978-1-68217-388-6
Price: $350.00
Online Database: Get Price Quote

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