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Working Americans, 1880-2023: Vol. 19: Performing Arts

Each volume in the widely successful Working American series focuses on a particular class, gender, type, or time period of American history and vividly illustrates what life was like for that group over time. Profiles cover a wide range of ethnic groups and span the entire country, providing a thorough examination of the lives of all types of Americans in that particular group. Each volume is divided into easy-to-use, decade-long chapters, so readers can quickly locate details on a particular time period.

Each 12-15 page profile starts with a brief introduction and photograph of the subject, then moves to three bulleted sections.

  • Life at Home what home life was like for these teenagers and their families—daily routines, what their house looked like, and what they ate.
  • Life at Work details what it was like at their school and their job, be it after school or during the summer, including work environment, relationships with co-workers, and attitude of others.
  • Life in the Community offers insight into the neighborhood these teens lived in, often with geographic and social history, as well as a sense of the area’s economy and recreational opportunities.

Next are Historical Snapshots – interesting collections of firsts and significant events that happened in the year profiled. These are followed by Selected Prices – the cost of everyday items, from shoes to radios. Each chapters ends with Primary Documents – full reprints or excerpts of magazine and newspaper articles, letters, and diary entries about a variety of current events that adds historical context to the life of the profiled teen.