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Working Americans, 18 Volume Set

Each volume in the widely successful Working American series focuses on a particular class, gender, type, or time period of American history and vividly illustrates what life was like for that group over time. Profiles cover a wide range of ethnic groups and span the entire country, providing a thorough examination of the lives of all types of Americans in that particular group. Each volume is divided into easy-to-use, decade-long chapters, so readers can quickly locate details on a particular time period.


  Eighteen Volume Set

 Vol. 1: The Working Class, Second Edition

 Vol. 2: The Middle Class

 Vol. 3: The Upper Class

 Vol. 4: Their Children

 Vol. 5: Americans at War, Second Edition

 Vol. 6: Women at Work, Second Edition

 Vol. 7: Social Movements, Second Edition

 Vol. 8: Immigrants, Second Edition

 Vol. 9: From the Revolutionary War to the Civil   War

 Vol. 10: Sports and Recreation

 Vol. 11: Inventors and Entrepreneurs

 Vol. 12: Our History Through Music

 Vol. 13: Education & Educators

 Vol. 14: African Americans

 Vol. 15: Poltics & Politicians

 Vol. 16: Farming & Ranching

 Vol. 17: Teens in America

 Vol. 18: Health Care Workers

Pub. Date: August 2022
Hardcover: 10800 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63700-387-9
Price: $2340
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