Weather America

This valuable resource provides the most comprehensive and useful compilation of weather data available in print. Published every 10 years, Weather America provides immediate access to extensive data on over 2,000 weather stations across the nation, weather trends, climatological changes and weather events.  No other source brings together this vast amount of information.

Weather America includes several features to offer more information than ever before, including:

  • Data for National & Cooperative Weather Stations
  • Enhanced charts and maps begin each State Chapter
  • Four Color Maps for Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters, National Contour Maps showing Temperature, Precipitation, Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, US Hurricane Strikes and Major US Landfalling Hurricanes
  • Comparative Weather Charts that show how the weather has changed over time
  • All-Time Weather Records
  • State of the Climate Report 

Weather Rankings – national and state rankings for temperature, precipitation and snowfall data

Major Storm Events – summarizes major storms by both various storm criteria (type, fatalities, injuries, damage value) and by state

Weather Station Data – organized into easy-to-use state chapters, each chapter begins with a narrative of the state’s climatological conditions, several maps, station indexes by division, city and elevation, followed by data tables for both National Weather Service stations and Cooperative Stations. Data includes geographical and topical information, maximum and minimum temperatures, extreme temperatures, precipitation and snowfall data.

Several helpful Appendices: National, Regional & State Climate Centers, with contact information, Periods of Record, Doppler Radar Stations, and Explanation of Data

Weather America has been designed for the average user. It is a clear, readable, logically organized and easy-to-use reference work. The combination of usability, currency of data, breadth of scope, maps, narratives, detailed station entries, ranking tables and multiple access points make it truly exceptional. This updated edition is a must-have addition to any reference collection.

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Pub. Date: February 2011
Softcover: 1858 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59237-598-1
Price: $195
e-ISBN: 978-1-59237-599-8
eBook User Price: $244